Thursday, January 7, 2010

Teddy Bear Era: Part One

These are excerpts from my first journal, the red one with teddy bears on it. I laughed, I cried, I cringed. I tried to keep the spelling the same as in the journal.

Sep 28, 1987

Today is my dads birthday. I gave him three shavers. I only had English and Math. I got to watch Bevorly Hills Teens. It was about a a rich girl who went poor and her friends helped her get a job.

Sep 29, 1987

Today we had fish for lunch. Kristen didn't want hers so she gave some to me. On Beverly Hills Teens a prince came to see Blaze. Blaze likes horses, so he deciced (disguised) himself as a stableboy. He inventes (invites) them to a ball. We were supposto have a meating about the treeshouse but nobody came but me. (Oh my goodness. I had no idea my "project planning" roots went back so deep.)

Sep 30, 1987

Today I finished My Constitution essa. I had a little math homework. We had the treehouse meeting today and we decided all the rules and ways to earn money.

Oct 4, 1987

Today is moms brithday. She made 3 pumkin pies, 1 cherry, and a choclate. We had to watch confrence all day. Confrence is two hours we watched it twice.

How much do I love the internet. Not only did I find Beverly Hills Teens in wikipedia, but I got a youtube link to the intro.

For those of you curious, some of the talks in conference those sessions were:
Our Divine Constitution
Never Give Up
Looking beyond the Mark
Ethics and Honesty
"The Great Imitator"
"They're Not Really Happy"
Take Not the Name of God in Vain (Gordon B. Hinkley, I miss him)
"The Light and Life of the Wolrd"
A Doorway Called Love (Monson, gauranteed some good stories there)
Follow the Brethren
Selfless Service
Lesss from Eve
Finding Joy in Life

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Anna said...

I checked out Beverly Hill Teens..... wow! I remember that one.

I have the family pictures that I scanned into the computer on a CD. In there is a Mothers Day card you wrote Mom. You were quite the character. Of course, we all were.

Now I want to get my journals out and read them. Except they are packed up in the shed.