Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sweet, fresh air

The air here in SLC has been terrible for at least 2 weeks. I went up Big Cottonwood with the Riding ladies and got out of the haze. It actually reminds me of the air in China.
It was fantastic. We saw blue skies, and the air was clear and fresh. It was nice to get some sunshine too.
The trail to donut falls is packed enough that you don't really need to wear snowshoes. We carried two pairs up just in case. Which turned out to be a good idea. It is really steep the last few feet to the waterfall.
I started sliding back down and just about took out the whole group. Then I tried to just use the snowshoes on my hands and pull myself up. No good. We shared the two pairs instead. We got some interesting looks on our way down.
It was such a beautiful day up there I didn't really want to come down. Plus I enjoyed the company too. Always a good time when a Riding is around.

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sara jensen said...

these photos are gorgeous Amy!!!