Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Jensen Family Pett

I had a happy weekend in Rexburg. I got to visit my dearest friends the Jensen family. All I can say to illustrate my affection is I visited them in Winter. In Idaho. Even though I have declared on many occasions that I would never drive in Idaho in the Winter again. That's how much I like them. You can't blame me though. When I arrived and knocked on the door, I could hear them break into chanting my name. How can I resist?

The boys were bursting to tell me everything that has happened since I last saw them I think. I loved their enthusiasm. We played games. Our favorite is a German card game that I can't remember the name. Before I left, I was crowned Ultimate Winner of the Universe. At least until the next visit when they boys will have a chance to vie for the title. I must admit though, Dave beat me more times, I just happened to take the championship game.
Another highlight was the girls date night. There is a beauty school in Rexburg. I highly recommend the scalp treatment. Next time I go I'm going to try the facial or pedicure. Or both. I also got a haircut. I have been doing all kinds of wild crazy things lately, but a $5 haircut at a beauty school in Idaho was one of more reckless to be sure. It turned out ok though. I like the haircut. I figured if it turned out badly, hair always grows back and I can always get if fixed by my regular stylist.
The hardest part of these visits is balancing my time with the boys and mom. I love the boys and love their attention. I think most of the time they think I'm there solely for their company. I was in fact friends with Sara first. I try and lavish regular, adult, female attention on Sara. She is the best mother (of 4 strapping boys), and I don't know anything of motherhood firsthand, but I think mom's need to keep a part of their individual identity. Mostly though, I just love Sara's friendship. I'm greedy.
I should also mention how crafty we were. Sweet Sara gave me a watch face and we picked out some beads and made a fabulous watch for me. Apparently these watches are all the rage in Rexburg. There was hardly a woman in church that didn't have one one. It was fun and I love my watch. It's practically a work of art. Sara also made me a lovely matching necklace from a leftover bead.

Definitely one of my favorite memories from the evening was something David (age 4) said. Sara was explaining to him that I wasn't actually a real family member, just a close family friend. David insisted I was family. He finally exclaimed, "She is our Pett!" He meant to say aunt, but realized how funny what he said was. He asked Sara if she knew what he meant by Pett, and said cause it's my name. I wasn't there but I could hear them rolling with laughter. Precious. Maybe you had to be there. It was very funny to me. I thought he was very clever to pick up on the humor so young.

Here are some drawings D & K did on my computer. Dave is quite the little graphic designer.

I shouldn't go on about how wonderful my friends are or everyone will want to be friends with them and I will have to share them. Best weekend of 2010 so far. :)


sara jensen said...

This is the sweetest post ever!!! I can't believe how much fun we had with you when I got home from choir and saw that you were really gone I was so sad. We're still dreaming of the amazing food you made, the card games, the movie watching and the one-on-one time we got to spend with Amy "our Pett". WE love you! Don't stay away long!

sara jensen said...
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Anonymous said...

It is so cool to see my pictures on the computer. I miss you and I love you! Thanks so much for playing card games with me and for teaching me about how to draw on the computer! you are the best ever!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for coming to visit for playing with us and for listening to my piano!