Thursday, December 30, 2010

A little less of this...

How many times have I said I'm going to lose my last 10-15 pounds? Many times. I'm really going to do it now. I'm starting a weight loss challenge group which I hope will help my motivation stick through to the end. I'm also going to try and document my progress. Competition, group support, and public shame. They motivate me.

I will not be filming myself in too tight spandex shorts and a sports bra weighing in, but I am trying to add a ticker to my blog that will show my progress. The challenge starts next week, Jan 2nd through March 26th. 12 weeks. That's a smidgen more than a pound a week. Aggressive.

Here is my strategy for now. I'm cutting back on the sweets. I've always had success when I've cut out most processed sugars. I've also got very scientific about my meal planning thanks to my recent nutrition and sports nutrition classes. I've calculated the amount of calories per day and per meal (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, little snack). I've also calculated my protein intake required.

I'm adding more strength training into my workout routines as well. I've usually lost weight when I've done more strength training. I've actually had a number of teachers at SLCC who have said the number one way to rev your metabolism is building muscles. You can take all the supplements and products and chuck em. Strength training is not the easiest but it's the best.

Basically what I'm doing for myself is based on a lot of study and research. I'd like to use this approach with clients in the future when I get my personal trainer cert. This is the dress rehearsal so to speak.

If anyone wants to join the weight loss challenge, just let me know. I have a group event set up in Facebook that has more details. You don't have to be local to participate either. Basically, it will be based on % of weight lost. Everyone pays in $20. 2nd place gets their money back. 1st place wins the pooled cash. We're up to $120 right now.

I should mention if anyone says to me, "you don't need to lose weight", I may smack you. While flattering, it's not motivating and I'm serious. I'm not overweight and I know that, but I'm doing this to be a better athlete and to give myself a little more buffer from slipping back into overweight status.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Band Name Contest

I have a jazz band I put together and have practiced with. I am making it a goal/ultimatium to put a small concert together early 2011. I don't have a band name though. It's a jazz band. I'm the lead singer and I have a piano/bass player. We may or may not have a percussionist and possibly a cellist for one number.

I used the and came up with some possible names. Post in the comments your favorite/vote. It's kind of fun. You can leave it blank or add words and it comes up with some really bizarre random stuff. Ok some of these I don't really want but were just funny/bizzarre and had to share.

  • Bootleg Jazz Pett Daddies
  • Random Metro
  • Blue Lotus
  • Jazz Misfits
  • Jazz Chihuahua and the Malicious Joy
  • Enigmatic Mango
  • Silky Divine
  • Divine Wisdom and the Sinner
  • Bohemian Amy Trio

Feel free to come up with a better suggestions as well. Please.

Adieu 2010

Here is an attempt at a brief list of accomplishments, major events, or dumb stuff I enjoyed doing in 2010.
  • Ran my 2nd marathon, took 39 mins off my previous time
  • Was runner 10 in the Wasatch Back Relay which means I ran "the Ragnar" leg--4 miles almost straight up
  • Rode the Tour de Cure 65 miler--longest ride to date
  • No pants ride (see my blog posting for details, good times)
  • Survived cousins slumber party at my house (4 kids one adult)
  • Formed a jazz band (will be performing in 2011)
  • Saw Muse in concert and lived to tell the tell
  • Finished 1/2 of an Associates degree program in Fitness Tech at SLCC while continuing to work full time
  • Got a dog (possibly my favorite thing I did this year, my little Milly makes me smile everyday) (however, if I had known how much work it would be beforehand (because I had to go back to the office to work and I expected some hardship but you don't "get" the separation anxiety problems until you see it, etc) I may not have got a dog, but I'm really glad I did because she's worth all the trouble. I really like taking care of her even when it is a less fun task like cleaning up dog vomit at 4 in the morning)(Plus when I think of the conditions she lived through before being rescued it makes me so sad. Rescued dogs are probably more work because of the psychological condition of the animals but is also so satisfying to see them start to trust again and improve. Besides, when have I ever picked the "normal" way of things?)

That's about all I can think of right now. After I started school that took over my life pretty good. I was not able to take an international trip with Misti due to that and a major work project she had so that will be moved to 2011.

Even better than my "accomplishments", I think I enjoyed just spending time with my awesome friends and family this year.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Mille Crepe cake

I've had this idea rolling around in my head for a while now. I recently found out the name of it which is mille crepe. Mille is french for thousand--implying many layers not literally a thousand. Crepe is french for crepe. :)

Technically I used my swedish pancake recipe because I have it memorized and it makes a nice "pancake". I used the Pot de Creme recipe from The Pioneer Woman for the filling. I used rum flavoring instead of vanilla though. It was delicious. If I could have fit my head in the blender I would have licked it clean. Curse this giant skull.

So I whipped up and cooked 21 crepes, made the pot de creme, then just layered. One crepe, spread the pot de creme evening, next crepe. 21 layers made a nice and heavy little pastry.

I wanted to take it to the next level so I piped out butterfly wings in white chocolate. This was a learning experience. I thought I would be able to just assembly the wings into butterflies on the cake slices. I ended up using toothpicks to hold them up. I have since done some research on this. Next time after I make the wings, I will place come wax paper in between tongs lean the wings on either side, then pipe the "body" on. That should enable the butter fly to stand on it's own. Live and learn. I was pleased with the results. I can't wait to make another cake for someone. Anyone having a birthday that likes butterflies?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Doggy meatloaf

I've seen some recipes for homemade dog food. I decided to give it a go. I made a "meatloaf" for the dog. Maybe I should call the recipe Milly Meatloaf. Or Millyloaf.

1 lb ground beef
1 lb ground turkey
1 grated carrot
1/2 cup peas
1 1/2 cup cooked rice (or 3/4 cup uncooked, but you need to cook it)
1/2 cup oats

It mixes best by hand. Mash it all together. Spread it out in a cake pan. Bake it until it's cooked all the way. I don't remember how long that was.

I was able to cut it into 16 servings. The size would depend on how big your dog is. I gave it to Milly for dinner, so the rest of the day she gets her kibble. She seemed pleased with her dinner.

Milly likey.