Tuesday, January 19, 2010

More Snowshoeing

I went up Millcreek snowshoeing Monday. You don't really need snowshoes. They were handy on part of the way down on the steeper part of the trail. Love the claws on the way down. If you have a good sturdy shoe with a really good tread you may be ok.
I saw a bunch of these bugs crawling through the snow. I've never really noticed bugs during the winter before.
The road is closed off quite a ways from the top. We took a side trail at Elbow Fork, which was about 1/2 way up the road.
We were treated to a fantastic view of the clouds and sky and sunshine on our way back down.


hairofgold said...

It's so amazing out there! Thanks for coming with me.

Karin said...

So beautiful. I loved your comment on how the air smelled like China. I immediately thought of the terraced rice fields somewhere past Yangshuo.