Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I was just looking at my last blog post. I was feeling good at the time and was thinking about all the people around me who weren't and just wanted to spread some cheerfulness around.

I had one more thought I wanted to add to that. The last yoga session I did (I like to do the Yogatoday.com casts), the instructor, Adi, was in a pose for a long time that made my legs tremble and burn. She knew she had us all there too. She said not to fight it. Just listen to what your legs had to tell you. At first I thought my legs are telling my ouch, stop it. But I did listen and really they were saying, you are trying really hard and pushing us to our limits. It was still hard, but I felt better anyhow.

So, if you are feeling sad and your heart hurts, don't ignore it, or hide from it, or find things to drown out the pain. Just listen to what it has to tell you. It will still hurt, but you might learn something, like that you would only be hurting if you had the capacity to care. That's not a bad thing.

Love yoga. Going to go back to the Bikram studio soon.

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hairofgold said...

I LOVE Bikram! Let's go soon!