Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bacon, the gateway meat....

Went to a tapas party this weekend. I decided I wanted to make something a little more edgy and sexy than some of my standards. So I stuffed dried fruit with goat cheese and wrapped it in bacon. Mmmmmm.
So first I took some dried dates, figs, & apricots, sliced them in the middle but not all the way through and let them soak in some freshly squeezed orange juice. I let them soak for a couple of hours just because I got started a long time before the party. When i came back to them the juice was all soaked up. I did toss them a couple times as I passed by.
Then I just took some goat cheese and stuffed the fruit. It wasn't quite a tsp. Next, I wrapped them in bacon. I cut the bacon in half and removed some of the excessive fat. I did put toothpicks through them for ease of serving and to make sure the bacon stayed on.
I baked them on a cooling rack on a pan so the fat would drip down. I think these would be fantastic grilled as well. I don't remember how long they cooked for. Until they're done. Probably about 15 min? They were delicious. I think the fig and apricots were my favorites. I've never been a huge date fan, but if you are going to eat dates, this is the way to eat them.

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Cameron said...

They were delicious! Such a fun evening!