Monday, March 21, 2011

Week 11 Weight Loss Challenge

I'm down to 141 lbs. I wasn't sure if I'd pull off the full pound this week because I traveled over the weekend. But there it is. I only need to lose 1.1 lbs this week to not have to post pics of me in a swimming suit. Don't remember if I mentioned it but as a final motivator for the last couple of weeks I decided I'd threaten myself with having to post them if I don't get under 140 by the end.

For the most part, I don't advocate negative motivators, but sometimes they may be what's called for. Like this weekend I traveled and my conference was next to the Cheesecake Factory. Normally I would probably have gotten a piece of cheesecake and maybe even shared it. Every time it crossed my mind, I imagined myself in a swimming suit.

The biggest challenge this week was the traveling. I was up too late Thursday night packing and getting ready so I didn't get enough sleep to get up early and exercise. I did walk to work and back, but that's all. Then I immediately drove to Vegas after work. I spent 2 days sitting in a running coach conference (kind of ironic that it was running that was keeping me sedentary). I was too tired to work out after the session on Sat and I didnt' have time before it started. Sunday I drove straight home right after it got over. I had a combined steps total of about 800 steps for both days according to my pedometer.

They feed us bagels, pizza, granola bars, nuts, sandwiches, etc. throughout the sessions. I feel bloated, yucky still today. I did take some vegitables myself but I think I still got too much sodium. I'm not sure right now how I could have done that better. I did have plenty of healthy snacks in the car coming and going. I really should have just taken today off and slowed down. I could have at least gone for a walk last night. Got up this morning and gone for a run, then leisurly driven back taking breaks to stretch and walk along the way. Oh, well. Done is done. Live and learn.

So, here's to 1.1 lbs this week! I have specific workouts and meals planned. I think if I can get the right amount of sleep and stick to the plan, I'm going to be golden. Stay tuned until next week to see if I post pics or not. :)


Casey said...

yay! Post some pictures :D

soybeanlover said...

I'm so staying tuned!