Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weight Loss Challenge Week 8

Clearly, I haven't written about the weight loss challenge for a couple of weeks which shows my attention span. Some of the momentum and excitement has worn off. Week 6 was bad. I was sick and we had faculty meetings at work. So no working out and too much food. I gained 1 pound. :(

Week 7 I was feeling better and totally charged up. I worked out really hard and consistently. I only lost a half a pound which was a little disappointing. Weight is really not the best thing to go off of though. Since I'm being totally open, it was that time of the month last week and I know I was probably retaining water.

For the whole time, I would say my biggest challenge that I failed miserably was the sweets at faculty meeting. It was part hormonal craving and part I don't know why complete lack of self control. Every day I made a game plan to only have one dessert for the day and then they'd bring out these amazing pastries and I'd have one and then another, and then another. I even had a plan to call one of my fellow challengers and have them talk me down, but I knew it would probably work so I didn't do it. And then I'd eat dessert at dinner.

In my defense these were not Walmart grade ding dongs. These were the real deal. Real cream, real chocolate, real sugar, real fat. Mmmmmmm..... So I've come up with some ideas for the next faculty meetings. I only attend half the meetings so I'm not even going to show up for lunch. I do like a free meal, but I will eat my own healthy lunch sans dessert before I go. I can't remember the 2nd thing, but it was good and I wrote it down.

I wrote down all my challenges and 2 possible action items to counter them. I need to find it. I'll post it if I do. When I do.

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