Monday, January 3, 2011

Weight Loss Game Plan

Sometimes it seems like it's the last 10-15 lbs that are the hardest to get rid of. Here's my game plan. It's not absolute but I think the closer I can stick to it, the better my results are going to get. I used calculations that came from my college nutrition classes that comes from nutritionists and and pro athletic trainers. If you are interested I can run some numbers for you specifically.

Starting weight: 146
Goal: 131
Time frame: 12 weeks
Total daily calorie intake: 2000
% of cal by meal
breakfast snack 1 lunch snack 2 Dinner Snack 3
20% 10% 30% 10% 25% 5%
400 200 600 200 500 100

That seems like a lot once I mapped it out but that is based on 60 min of exercise/day. Less intense days I may drop that down a little bit. I know if the past I have restricted my calories much lower and I think it totally messed my metabolism up.

Cardio workouts: 4x/week 45-60 min each (mainly from spinning,running, & step aerobics)
Strength workouts: 2x/wk 60-90 min each (1 weights/1 yoga)

That's the basic plan for the 12 weeks. Each week I will have different goals as well.

This weeks goals are:
1. Tracking everything I eat for 4 of 7 days.
2. Eating at least 3 vegitables & fruits (each) 4 of 7 days
3. 4 cardio workouts of at least 45 min total/day & 2 strength training of at least 30 min each
4. Walking to work at least 80%


soybeanlover said...

Looks like a good plan. Anything in your classes about what breastfeeding women should do to loose weight?

xiaolong13 said...

That's a good question. I don't have my class for "special" populations yet. I've done some reading on the topic. It's tricky cause you've still got to eat for 2 sort of. If you had a c-section, I'm not advising anything. If not, I'd just say do low impact cardio. I'd also recommend strength training. Women don't bulk up unless they're on steroids. It will increase some lean muscle mass which equals higher metabolism. Also, muscles hold up the fat we do have so it looks nicer while it's there. :) I'll send you some circuit workouts I've put together for a class. You really don't need a gym. Some free weights or stretch bands are enough.

xiaolong13 said...

By low impact cardio--walking, light aerobics, swimming. If you can walk 30 mins a day and get in 2 or 3 full body strength work outs (yoga also counts as strength), you'd be in pretty good condition for when baby is on real food and you can increase the intensity. I know it's recommended to wait at least 6-12 months after baby is born to start increasing intensity.

soybeanlover said...

That'd be awesome. I'm not quite 3 weeks post partum, but I'm starting to feel good and also restless. With no gym around it'd be nice to have some band exercises. I've done strength training before and it helped a lot, I'm excited to start again.