Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Week one complete

Starting weight: 146
Current weight: 144.5
Goal weight: 131

I guess it was a good week. M-Th I ate well and got at least 30 minutes of exercise in. I actually was feeling really run down by Friday and didn't work out Friday or Saturday.

The hardest part was actually getting in enough calories. The nice part about eating lots of nutrient dense foods is they are lower in calories. I really ate delicious meals even though it was "healthy". We need a new word for healthy diet that doesn't have baggage. We should just call it standard or average. Hmm.

Anyhow, with all that "standard" eating I even had room for some ice cream for evening snacks. Not a bowl full, just a serving, but it was a enough to make me happy. I also had a jr burger and small fry once last week. Eating a healthy diet doesn't mean not ever having anything fun, it means keeping it in moderation and just making sure you're active enough for whatever you're shoving down your crawhole.

I bet if I had worked out friday & saturday I could have been down another half pound. Oh well, the goal is 1 per week so I still exceeded the weekly requirement. It's only been one week so my motivation is still feeling good.

I went to costco Friday and bought a vegi tray, mini peppers, dried cranberries, prunes, and granola bars. I'm stocked on treats for the duration of this thing almost. The vegis should last 2 weeks if they don't go bad first. I made a pasta thing last night with the broccoli and peppers and some whole wheat penne and chicken. Instead of adding a sauce I just used some herbs, a tiny little bit of sour cream to moisten it up, and some lime juice. It was really good actually.

Week 2 goals

Goal 1--track all foods eaten for 5 of 7 days for the week (this is a stretch for me, I usually do 3 or 4)
Goal 2--exercise 5 of 7 days this week for a minum of 50 min/day
Goal 3--I'm going to write down all my reasons & benefits for losing weight and make a collage of pics representing those things

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