Monday, January 24, 2011

Week 3

I'm kicking myself today. I worked out and ate really well all week then blew it on the weekend. Fortunately my weight just stayed the same. I would have been more upset if' I'd gained. Pizza did me in on Saturday and I ate a bunch of treats I had sitting around the house. I don't normally have treats in the house.

Picking up and moving on. Hopefully I can channel that disappointment into working harder this week. Next time I make treats for someone else, I need to give all of them away or throw the leftovers away. Oh, they were so good though. Sigh.

Starting weight: 146
Current weight: 143.5
Goal: 131

Goals for this week
1. Limit special sugary/fatty treats to 2 for the week.
2. Work out 5x for 50 min
3. Make a list of challenges/weaknesses and come up with 2 possible solutions/action plans for each one

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