Monday, January 3, 2011

2011: Return of the Viking Woman

I don't really do New Year's resolutions but there is something about the changing of one little digit in the date that drives me to make some goals or challenges for the year.

1-Viking Man Part II
I watched the Kona Ironman and got all pumped up again to do an ironman. However, I'm just barely smart enough to know I won't have time to train for it and work and go to school so it's not in the picture for 2011. I do want to take another try at the Vikingman 1/2 ironman though. Due to weather conditions I added about 30% to my predicted time. It took something like 9 hours 50 mins. Crazy. So I want to go back and get closer to a predicted time of 6:30:00. I really need to get my time down to around the 6 hour zone if I'm going to be able to finish an ironman in time. Sadly, they changed the race to the same day as Peach Day's. I've run that 10k 7 years in a row.

2-Century ride
Instead of a marathon, I'm going to focus a little more on the bike and go for a century ride--100 miles. I'm doing the Tour de Cure again so that will probably be it.

3--International travel
We didn't get our trip in 2010 so it must happen in 2011. Italy is still on the short list. So is New Zealand, Prague, Vietnam, and Peru/Manchu Pichu.

4-Perform with jazz band
I put a little jazz group together and we have been practicing on and off throughout 2010, but school really, really sucked up my free time and will and energy. It's going to happen though. I should probably set a date and send out invites so I'm held to it.

5-Learn to play the Yukalele

6-Hike the Narrows

7-Finish my AAS

That's really all I have planned. I'm sure many exciting adventures will come up along the way.

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