Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why I love David Archuletta

The number one reason I love David Archuletta is because his music and his personality and all news about him makes my mom happy. Yesterday was probably the happiest and carefree I've seen my mom in a long time. By the time we were at the concert venue, I'd say giddy was a better describer.

Also I like the little guy cause he's kind of nerdy and awkward. Not as awkward as he used to be, he's definitely coming into the whole showbiz thing. He even admits that he has to remember not to ramble on stage. Bless his heart. I totally get that.

So here's the dish on the concert. We left BC a little early because it had been snowing, and I hate driving in Idaho when they have snow. I've actually sworn I would never drive in Idaho if there is snow, but I had to take that back for one day. The drive was actually just fine and clear there and back. So we went to eat and got to the concert hall like third. I mean we were the third car of people there. Everyone stayed in their cars cause they weren't letting anyone in until 6:30 (it was 5:30). We didn't have anywhere else to go so I played Sudoku and mom made friends with the other "Archies".

Well, we were so lucky as to catch a glimpse of Mr. Archuletta walking from his tour bus to a van. We think they took him to dinner or something. Everyone in the parking lot would have missed it except my mom got out of the car and pointed and yelled that's David. I got a distant pic of it. A few brave girls without coats (it was freezing and windy) started to break for David, but he was gone before they got very far. So then we sat in the car and waited (stalked?) for him to return. We never did see him come back though. Also, I used up the rest of my batteries waiting to paparazzi the kid, so we didn't get pics of the concert. Hahaha.

The concert consisted of 85% girls under the age of 17, 12% women over the age of 25, and the rest were dads and husbands probably dragged there. Bless their hearts. Mom of course made friends with everyone, mom's, teenagers, the works. Some of the older ladies did point and stare a bit when she was jumping with all the teenagers to Gravity, but I say point and stare away you bunch of sticks in the mud. My mama knows how to have a good time. I was still sore from the 1/2 marathon so my quads weren't interested in jumping but I did bounce to the beat.

Fashion note: I discovered the Cindy Lauper net skirt look is on it's way back. So precious.

David is a talented guy. He's so precious though. There is just this sweetness about him. Not the make me sick kind. Like the eat him up like a pastry kind. I like him better live. Overall we give the concert the thumbs up. Was it so good I would go again?..............da da dunnnnnn.............

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