Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jury Duty

I had jury duty this week and was called in for today. I had jury duty in Brigham back when I was attending USU. I was actually picked of that jury and it went to trial. All over in one day. It is really interesting and you learn a lot about our judicial system.

I took trax downtown. Lovely ride. I was going to go to the temple afterwards, so I wore a dress and my knee high boots. I wasn't prepared for the partial strip search when the metal detector went off. I think it was my barrette, but they made me take my boots off and put them through the x-ray machine. Horror, I was Nike exercise socks under the boots. They're warm. So, then I'm hopping down the hall trying to get my boots back on cause there's no where to sit and I'm late now.

We waited in the jury assembly room for a couple of hours. Saw a really awesome jury video copyrighted 1996. Personally I think they should show Law and Order reruns, but whatever. Actually the law TV shows are pretty unrealistic compared to my experiences, but very entertaining. Two groups were excused, but I was in the third group. Eventually we were informed that the defendant to a plea deal and we were free to go.

All I know about the case was it was for child abuse so it probably would have been depressing to hear all that goes on in these things. No loss. I get my $18 for the day either way. Wahoo. Now how to spend it all. :)

Two words you do not want to hear from a homeless person--TB testing. Yikes. I don't think the lady had TB she was just telling me how she has to wait for her test results to be admitted to the homeless shelter. Here's $5 now stand over there til those results are in. Just kidding, I didn't say that. I did think it though. Hopefully she's not just going to blow it on drugs. I gave her my granola bar too so if she does, hopefully she'll at least give the food to her baby. Why do we assume the worst from beggars?

It is still too cold to be out on the streets. I'm just grateful for (and fully realize) how well off I still am compared to a lot of people. I think I can make it at least to Christmas if I don't get a job before I'm homeless. At which time I will be hitting up all friends and family for $5 to stay away from them until I get my TB test results back. :)

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