Monday, March 30, 2009

The Big China Trip

I leave for my big solo trip to China tomorrow morning. I'm either about to have the best time ever or I'm a complete lunatic. (and/or) I should have access to the internet some times and will try to update this blog or Facebook as possible. Some websites get blocked sometimes. I've heard Facebook is intermittent.

I have some goals/missions for my trip
1. Make new friends
2. Spread happiness to those around me
3. Read the Book of Mormon all the way through
4. Learn new truths about the world/people in general or about myself
5. Eat some great Chinese food
6. See some amazing places

Bonus items would be
1. See David Archuletta on my flight or around Hong Kong (apparently he has a concert there on April 6th, but I doubt he's leaving the same time as me, but that would be cool if he did)
2. Asian mullet sighting (Asian mullets are very rare)

If anyone wants to follow my travels via Google Earth, there are some nice pictures linked there for some of these places.
Guangzhou (1-2 days) (visiting friends and checking out where I lived when I taught English there [Clifford Estates])
Yangshou and Longsheng rice Terraces (4 days)(biking, hiking, kayaking, visiting minority villages)
Chengdu (1 day) (checking out the city)
Emei Shan (3 days) (may be called Mt. Emei on Google Earth) (hiking Mount Emei, staying in various monasteries on the mountain, avoiding monkey attacks)
Xian (4 days)(Terra Cotta Warriors, Helen Foster Snow gallery, stuff)
Beijing (5 days)(Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Great Wall [Jinshanling to Simatai], more stuff)

This is what I'm taking, plus some flip flops and the clothes on my back.

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