Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Race updates

For all my planning, I did not sign up in time for the Ogden Marathon. I am actually very sad about that. I'm looking for a good Fall marathon instead. I'm considering Portland or St. George. Or another option would be an ultra. An ultra marathon is anything longer than a marathon. Could be 27 miles could be 100 miles. There's an ultra in Goblin Valley. It's 31 miles. It's like I can't remember how hard 26.2 were or something. They also have a half distance.

Current races:

Moab 1/2 marathon (this Saturday)

Wasatch Back Relay (June)

Spudman Tri (pending drawing)

Peach Day's 10k (This will be my 5th straight year. If I can cut about 4 mins off my time I can place for my age division. Hahaha.)

We have a Wasatch Back Relay team together. It's a different team from last year. Everyone is single and everyone's in the late 20's early 30's range. Based on our first team meeting it is going to be fun. We have some crazy fun ladies. The gentlemen runners are all very excited and involved which is awesome. I loved my team last year, so I'm not trying to compare. I'm just really glad the chemistry appears to be working. When you are on your 30th hour into the race in a van full of sweaty, tired people, you want to like them as much as possible. 180 miles is a long way to go if you don't get along. It's amazing what people can do when they work together.

It's a lot fewer races than last year, but with the three weeks in China, that puts my training behind schedule a bit. I'm actually a little more focused on hiking this year too. Besides at least one mountain in China (Emeishan), I plan to hike Timp again and finish the Mount Nebo hike.

Here's a little flashback to 2007:

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