Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I have to admit I'm feeling a ridiculously high level of anxiety for the coming year. I have plenty of reasons both good and bad. It has the potential to have some major events. Or not. We'll just have to wait and see. Either way, I'm determined to make the most of whatever comes along. "Life is either a great adventure or nothing." --Helen Keller

I do have some goals/plans for 2010.

It's the on year for an international trip for me and Misti. Italy is on the short list. If tickets from SLC are still $600 when we get our tax returns back it's on. We've been toying with Prague or a tropical island as well.

Opened a bottle of bubbly and toasted with my parents New Year's Eve-afternoon

I am also going to run my second marathon. It will be the Ogden again. I love that race. Also, I plan to beat my PR for the marathon. It is currently 5:09. Sheesh. That is such a long time to run. I'm hoping to finish closer to 4:30. Based on my 1/2 marathon time from the Ogden, that is reasonable.

I've decided I'm going to skateboard to work. At least once. Hopefully I don't hurt myself. I just want to do it because I can.

I'm going to go on 13 dates. Last year I made my goal 12 and I exceeded it. I just like that number. It's a baker's dozen. Which reminds me of baked goods. Mmmmmm.

I'm also going to hike a location that will not be named because if everyone finds out how awesome it is, there will be people there. It's like the Narrows in Zions but more awesome.

I also want to sing with a jazz band. I've wanted to since college. I have some contacts. Even if it's just in my living room with nobody around. 2010 is the year.

I want to make it a year of service too. I am a lucky, lucky girl. I am educated, I have a job I like that pays the bills, I am healthy, I have the best family, I have the best friends, I am well-traveled, and I'm happy. I haven't figured out what I'll be doing, but when I find the opportunities I want to do things that help other people who may not be gifted with the opportunities I have. I want to make someones life a little happier, healthier, comfortable, or better in some way. Then maybe I will stop feeling so guilty for having such a great life. :P

My last meal for the year, roasted duck with sundried cherries. Devine.

2009 has been an awesome year. I can't even think of any compliants. It wasn't all smooth, but I look back on it fondly. No year can compare since 2001/2002 (ahhhh, San Diego days).

All my love to everyone who helped make 2009 awesome and may you all have the best 2010.

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