Thursday, December 24, 2009

Best Christmas Ever

Christmas Eve

We ate a lot. Food is always plentiful at a Pett family dinner. Dinner actually seemed fairly unchaotic for having 19 people there. We had one stray this year. There's always at least one stray. Misti's co-worker just moved here so she invited her. She handled the family antics quite well. Well, we had Dave too. He's a permanent stray.

The kids (including Tony & David) played Lego's. I built the small castle for Livi. Spencer then destroyed all the the structures.

Another thing we do on the holidays, is play games. In true Pett style we added a little flare to Pit. The winner of each round had to wear Spencer's pirate hat, eye patch, and hook. It was awesome. The only thing that could have made it better is if we had made them talk pirate, but we didn't think of that until later.

We also had a rousing game of Apples to Apples. Mom won. How did that happen?

Favorite quote: Livi walks into the room, "Grandma, I don't know what I'm talking about."

Another highlight was when Grandpa let the kids play with the forbidden finger paints. Oh yes. Paint everywhere. Is it washable? We'll see. Is it non-toxic? We're keeping an eye on baby Savvy.

Not that gifts are important but some of the highlights this year were Spencer's pirate kit, Jason's "How to host a romantic Evening," David's can of corn, . The secret to a really good cheap cheesy gift--love. We still talk about the year we all got pictures from Tony--mostly Tony, but also Dave and the cat.

All and all, the family just had a great time being together and being ourselves.

Christmas Day:
Sweats--"When real clothes are just too much work" -Apples to Apples card

Now that I'm working again, sleeping in is special. We had a nice, quiet slow morning. Ate lots of leftovers. Opened the few presents we had left.

We all got food storage from mom this year. Handy. We also all got scarves mom crocheted while she was dialysis. Mom liked her addition to the Christmas village, a tent and some lumberjacks. Nothing wrong with a few more moustached men under the tree. Who doesn't want that? One of these years Santa is gonna come through for me.......

We finally pulled out a puzzle. We have one of the largest collections of Charles Wysoki puzzles. He passed away last year so there won't be any new ones. We'll have to make due with the other 200 we already have. Usually he comes out with 2 or 3 new ones and we put them all together after Christmas.

I don't want to see sugar again for a long time. Well maybe a little at New Year's but then no more sugar. Blah. And yet I keep eating it.

We also took naps this afternoon. Ah, sweet, sweet naptime. Another thing that is meaningful now that I'm working. Cause I needed the nap so much more than a good long run.

The kids all came back over. More Lego time with uncle Tony.

We had gongbao chicken and fried rice for dinner. That's my influence on the family. It's Christmas; we eat want we want. We were going to have jiaozi or eggrolls too but we couldn't find the ground meat.


Anna said...

I don't always remember what I get for Christmas... but I seem to always remember the sibling gifts. One year it was a picture of Dad. One year it was 500 straws.

I don't see it as "You went to the store at 2:00 pm Christmas Eve right before the store closed and picked from what they had left on the shelf". No, no, I see it as "I care THAT much, that I will go to the store on Christmas Eve because I want to find something special just for you."

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anna. Cuz Christmas eve at the store is CRAZY!!

I enjoyed my win of Pit. It was the highlight of Christmas for me. I had "5" points!! Yes!! Instead of my usual -150 points. Ha ha...

I always enjoy Christmas at the Pett house. It means a lot to me that they consider me and my little family, "family". It's neat to see a family who accepts anyone and can show them a good time. You rarely see that anymore.

The fingerpaint came out of Lizzy's clothes thankfully. :)

I wanted Dave's can of corn...