Monday, December 27, 2010

Band Name Contest

I have a jazz band I put together and have practiced with. I am making it a goal/ultimatium to put a small concert together early 2011. I don't have a band name though. It's a jazz band. I'm the lead singer and I have a piano/bass player. We may or may not have a percussionist and possibly a cellist for one number.

I used the and came up with some possible names. Post in the comments your favorite/vote. It's kind of fun. You can leave it blank or add words and it comes up with some really bizarre random stuff. Ok some of these I don't really want but were just funny/bizzarre and had to share.

  • Bootleg Jazz Pett Daddies
  • Random Metro
  • Blue Lotus
  • Jazz Misfits
  • Jazz Chihuahua and the Malicious Joy
  • Enigmatic Mango
  • Silky Divine
  • Divine Wisdom and the Sinner
  • Bohemian Amy Trio

Feel free to come up with a better suggestions as well. Please.

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