Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Speedbump on the road to glory

I can vouch for the waterproof properties of the KT Tape. I've been taped up since Saturday and am limited to pool activities as I seem to have developed an acute case of chondromalacia, or Runner's Knee. 12 miles into my 20 mile run Saturday I felt enough discomfort that I stopped my run and limped 2 miles back to the car.

I am extremely nervous that I may not be able to even do the marathon. I've always said one race isn't worth not be able to run for the long term. But, now that I'm facing the possibility, I'm terribly disappointed. I've never quit a race (one time in high school cross country, I almost past out, I was so upset I nearly cried in public). My head tells me it is the prudent thing to do, but my heart tells my head to shut up and think positive.

One tip for anyone with this problem that has to sit for work all day (you would think sitting is good, but the position is bad for the knee), find a paper box, set it up tall side up, and prop your leg up under your desk. Feels so much better. I'm bringing a little pillow in tomorrow for comfort.

This week is a no run week. It's my rest week anyhow. I've been to the pool and it actually felt better after that. I've discovered sitting all day at my desk does not make it feel better.


Carrie Medford said...

I hope your knee feels better. That would be such a bummer if you couldn't run the big race you've been training months for. One day I would like to try a marathon. But that is many days away.

sara jensen said...

Such a bummer Amy! I still remember when Derek hurt his knee just before the Teton half. His brother and sister in law came to run the race with him...only he didn't run. That was one of his hardest decisions. We love you feel better!