Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Muse part 2

Muse was possibly the best concert I've ever been too. It was the perfect concert but it was pretty awesome. First, it was Muse playing all Muse music. How can that not be awesome? Second they had an incredible laser/video showing going on.

The lighted piano was pretty cool. I think I was expecting a little more from it from all the hype I'd heard.

The band wasn't very interactive with the audience. There was the token, we're so glad to be in _Utah_. The _Salt Lake City__ crowd is the best. I'm ok with it though. Better that than they shoot their mouths off and I find out they're a bunch of tools. What's the old saying I never heed, better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt. Kind of like that.

They opened with these 3 high rise building screen things. Cool video/light show, then the fabric part came down and the band was on raised platforms in the middle of the buildings. I was so excited I was waving my hands like a little girl. I may have squealed.

Apparently all the douchebags in General Admissions were two rows of bodies in front of us. A bunch of drunk guys started moshing (not even necessarily to music that was appropriate for moshing, so 90's). I was a little alarmed at being pushed around but the guys right in front of me were pretty solid. Some chick lost her beer all over her and the lady's hair in front of her.

I kept smelling smoke and was kind of surprised people were lighting up indoors. I am getting so old. I noticed the bass player was totally taking smoke breaks between sets too. So funny. I didn't really want to inhale 2nd hand smoke, but it was amusing. When you're a super rock band, nobody tells you where you can't smoke.

The one thing I would have changed about it was just have it in a smaller venue. I am sooooo kicking myself for missing the last show a couple of years ago at Saltair. I like smaller shows better. Just more intimate. People watching is fun and all, but i just want me and Muse.

This is embarrassing to say, but the craziest loud, frenzied crowd I've ever seen was David Archuleta in SLC. I thought the E-Center was going to crumble. It helps to have 10,000 12 year old girls screaming, but seriously, I've never seen a crowd like that. This crowd did ok. This group just had more stupid, drunk young guys. They do dum stuff.

Pics to be added as soon as I can figure out how to get them from my phone.

They played most of the Uprising songs. The others were just all great songs. Everyone in our group got their favorites played--Starlight, Uprising, Super Massive Black Hole. And the final song of the evening. Oh what is that. I can't tell where they're going with that intro. Is it, is it....It is!!!! Knights of Cydonia. Not their absolute best song ever, though arguable, but they made the best music video ever, for the whole planet, for any music, forever and always.

I just watched the making of the video video clip. Russ Bain is the name of the finely mustached future kungfu cowboy. Did you know he's British? Ya, so he has a British accent. So hot. I'm in love. And they used real horse poop for the scene where he's in the stocks. Yuck.

I can't end this blog entry with a sentence about horse poop. To summarize, the Muse concert was awesome. Beyond awesome. If I wasn't running 20 miles Saturday morning, I'd be heading down to Vegas to the Muse show there. Hmmm.......

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Anna said...

Start running tonight. Maybe you'll be in Vegas by Saturday. :)