Friday, April 1, 2011

Follow up

Weighed myself this morning (the lady time is all over now). 139.8! That's right. Under 140. Victorious! I don't like the BMI system for people with more than average muscle mass, however, that does make me officially no longer over weight according to the BMI. I didn't really think of myself as overweight before because I understand lean vs fat mass and what real health is, and how to listen to my body, feels good to make it official.

I saw this video today and it seemed appropriate. This is for any of you how have "fallen down" in any endeavors in your life--weight, jobs, romance, family, whatever. And yes, I did tear up.


Casey said...

Loved the video! Do you know what song they're using? I tried looking it up but they didn't pay credit to them.

Casey said...

Nevermind, it's Suburban War by Arcade Fire.