Monday, September 13, 2010

Fruit Days

I had a double header this weekend. It was Peach Days up in Brigham. We also got to celebrate the 2nd annual Raspberry Days at a private residence in Kaysville. Basically, I ate well this weekend. Probably a little too much, but I have a very happy and expanding tummy.

I made grilled baby bok choy & peaches with peanut satay sauce and Indonesian turkey burgers. The tb basically had a lime/green onion dressed slaw & the peanut satay sauce. Yummy.

I ended up running the Peach Day's 10k after all. Hehe. I took my running clothes in case I decided to go for a jog or something but really my subconscious wanted to run it. I kept my bad shoulder pinned to my side the whole time and just took it at a pace that was enjoyable and not strenuous. I finished in 59 mins and some change. Not bad for being broken. It was my 7th year in a row to run it. I had to.

The coolest thing I saw at the parade has to be the tank. Sorry, a tank driving down main street was just cool. Don't know why.

Raspberry Days. Oh the joy. It involves a lot of eating and drinking stuff that is made of raspberries or has raspberries in it somehow. Except the fettuccine alfredo. No raspberries but so delicious, there were no complaints. We also had pork tenderloin with a savory raspberry sauce, rolls with raspberry honey butter, raspberry Italian sodas, an amazing salad with raspberries and coconut and cashews and all kind of yummy stuff.

The setting was equally delightful. There were little tea lights all over in the grass. Magical little bonfires twinkling in the dusk.
It was the perfect way to end the summer/welcome the fall.

We laid on blankets after dinner to let the food digest before raspberry trifle and watched the stars and talked about why we like Jake--he's tall, American, feeds us, does dishes, and some other "blue" stuff. I then taunted the Blue's. You know I love you all.

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sara jensen said...

Wow, that food looks soooo good! and I LOVE raspberries...we had some pretty dreamy raspberry shakes at Bear Lake in July.