Sunday, February 7, 2010

Princess Cupcakes

Mom has this fun cupcake book and decided to make princess cupcakes for Misti & Livi's birthdays. Kelly & I were around Saturday so we helped. It was fun. I just made a box mix for the cupcakes. Make those first so they have time to cool.
The heads are made by frosting two vanilla wafers together with a pretzel stick in the middle.
The crowns are made by rolling out starburst candies. Then you cut them to look like crowns. We frosted little flower sprinkles on for jewels.
Mom did all the icing work. She's good at that. We used pre-made frosting. Personally, I think butter cream is tastier than the store bought stuff, but that's just my opinion.
The eyes were made with the frosting and for the lips we frosted on little heart sprinkles.
The dresses are spiced gum drops. The book said to combine 10 small ones, but we had jumbo sized ones so we used 2. They could have been a bit bigger probably, but rolling them out was tricky. You sprinkle the board with sugar crystal sprinkles and keep the gum drops coated so they roll easier.

We used valentine candy corns for the feet and hands. You frost the bottom of the cupcake and set it on a cookie. We used Pepperidge Farms chocolate chip cookies. Yum. The feet get frosted on between the cupcake and the cookie.
The "dresses" go over the top of the cupcake and the heads go through the center. The sleeves are also rolled out gum drops with the candy corns sticking out for hands.
The crowns are frosted into place and mom did more icing work in white for little collars.
Each on had it's own little personality. When Livi saw them, she burst out, "Oh, I love them." She is prone to drama. It was fun to see her reaction though.
And then quicker than it took to make them, they were eaten.


sara jensen said...

I can't believe how darling and delicious these look!!!! (so deserving of a cheat day!) I only wish I had a little girl to make them for!

hairofgold said...

So CUTE!!!!

Anna said...

I think they were very creative and cute. I liked them. Of course, Livi the birthday girl "loved them". So that is all that counts. :)