Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday!

I've been having a great birthday. There were many years as a teen on through most of my twenties that I didn't even care about celebrating my birthday. I wasn't anti birthday, I just didn't make anything of it. I've loosened up more the last few years and now I milk the birthday good times for as long as I can. Presents are not a necessity, but I'm always very touched when I get them anyhow. I consider quality time/talking time with the people a good birthday treat. If there's something I really want, I'll ask for it or get it as my birthday present to me. :)

We have 5 birthdays in the family within a week. Jason & Vee are Oct 27th. Kiana and I are today. Lizzie is tomorrow. That's a lot of birthdays to celebrate all at once. Usually we get a cake the kids will like (Shrek was 2 years ago), or a cake with sections. This year, mom went above and beyond and made us all our own smaller cakes.

Another trick is making sure everyone gets what they want for dinner. We usually do Chinese or pizza. This year we had both. It's not conventional, but everyone got what they wanted. We had pepperoni & Hawaiian pizza, a gong bao chicken pizza (hybrid, it's pretty tasty), sweet and sour chicken, rice, and fruit salad. Everyone was happy.
All I wanted for my birthday this year was hugs and kisses. I also wanted people to do nice things for other people. It's not too late. I accept belated birthday gifts all year round. :) What better feeling can there be than knowing you had an impact for the better in the world. I'm a woman of simple wants.

I asked Livi if she thought I was going to get any hugs or kisses today and she said "no." She's such a teaser. Spencer came over and gave me a great big giant hug and a nice wet kiss. He's the sweetest. Later Livi did give me a big hug. Seriously, such a little teaser. I got good hugs from Vee's kids too. It was a good day.

It really has been a good birthday. I got to be with my family who I really like. I've talked to a lot of friends that I love that are not nearby and miss like crazy. I've been taken out and have more dining plans through next week. Overall, I've had a great birthday. I'm happy. I'm glad to be around another year. I'm lucky to know all the great people I know.
I did get some great presents too. Misti took Liv & Spency with her to help pick out my presents. It's like our minds are all one. They got me exactly what I wanted. The board game Candyland and the Curious George Christmas DVD. That's soooo me. Then they helped me open my presents. They are such helpful children.
I've decided to try and dedicate my next year to doing more kind acts to others. More adventure. More real living. And more sharing the joy.

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sara jensen said...

I LOVE those cakes!!!! who is the artist? I am so glad you had a fun b-day! I can't wait to see you soon!