Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Now that I'm done with racing for the year, I've turned to geocaching to keep active. I started geocaching this year. I'd heard of it before, but finally gave it a try this past spring.

Geocaching is kind of awesome. People hide things and post the coordinates on a website. Then people go out and find them. It could be anything from a small pill bottle with some scraps of paper for a log, to a ammo cases or tupperware container with tradeable items (pins, coins, small toys, etc.) and notebooks for logs.
I've found 12 caches so far. My first one was up in the mountains by Eden. I can't even describe the excitement of finding your first cache. That green camo box might have well been a pot of gold.
My first few caches I found by searching the latitude and longitude on google maps. Not the easiest way to find things. There has to be a major landmark nearby so I know within a few feet where to be looking. There were a bunch of caches that were in wooded areas that I just didn't stand a chance finding.

I figured out how to upload the locations onto my Garmin Forerunner 301. It's a running computer but it's got GPS. I tested it out yesterday and it worked pretty good. If I went under lots of trees it got confused. I found 3 of 4 caches. The 4th one I gave up on because it was under trees and it was getting too dark to see. I'm going to go back another day.

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