Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I took a 45 min bus to Leshan at 10:00 AM. I had a nice chat with some college boys who were going to Leshan to pick up a computer. They helped me find the bus that went straight to the Dafu (world's largest Buddha).

On the way there I saw a man laying on the side of the road with some people standing around him. Everyone on the bus stood up and stared out the window say "he's dead!". (In Chinese of course.) I don't know if he was, but he looked pretty dead. Weird.

Going to tourist spots earlier is better. Even at 11:00, it was pretty packed. It took almost 30 mins to walk down the stairs on the side of the cliff to get to the bottom of the Dafu. It is wicked tall. It was pretty impressive.

I wandered around the park for a couple of hours. It's a nice park. There's a pagoda, nice landscaping, and some ponds.

I ran into a group of college kids. They were really fun and nice. We wandered around the park some more together. They showed me the way to go to the temple on the park grounds. I never would have found it myself. There's a bridge you cross that was one of my favorite architectural objects I saw the whole trip. I took one picture of it. Gah!

We went to dinner together. They ordered two huge baskets of these steamed dumplings. They looked almost like flowers. Delicious. I had to catch the last bus back to town so I didn't get a chance to take a tour of their university.

Good day.

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