Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Final City

I arrived in Beijing (from Xian) this morning.  A quick word on Xian, I loved it.  I think I had lower expectations because everyone said it wasn't their favorite place.  I was there 3 days and I could have stayed longer.  The sights are nice, but there is so much history there.   Also I had some of the best food (best food was still in Panyu) of my trip.  I mostly ate street food in the Muslim district.  Fabulous.

I am looking forward to going home but I am also sad to go.  I am travelled out but there is so much I still haven't seen.  The week in Beijing will maybe be more relaxing. Maybe.  Knowing me, not as much as it could be.  I am here to visit my Swedish friends too so I wont be running around the city everyday.  

I may be posting pictures soon.  The little journal I brought came from my Spain trip.  I have maybe 20 pages from that trip.  I have almost finished it now from this trip.  Since I can't always talk to people I take it out on my journal.  I will be giving a partial recounting of each area soon as well.

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kelly riding said...! What awesome experience you're having. How cool that you got to see peeps you knew from when you taught there. Have so much fun hiking the Great Wall. So jeal right now!