Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween and birthdays

I really like Halloween. Definitely one of my favorite holidays. It's not about the candy. If it were about the candy it would be about the KitKats and the Nerds. There's just something fun in being able to wear a mullet wig or a knife in your back or puffy shirts in public with relatively few people staring.

This was one of the sweetest Halloweens since I left San Diego. I got to host a joint party with a couple of friends. For one thing people actually dressed up. Hardcore. While the male pregnant Wonder Woman, the devil with horns and furry cloven hooves, that super cute sassy vampire slayer (oh that was me, haha), the viking lady, and some others where totally awesome, for sure Aslan and the White Witch were the best. I may have helped out with their costumes. What can I say.

The decorating was super fun too. We had black plastic all over. I made balloon ghosts that glowed. That's a keeper for sure. I can't take much credit for the decorations. I was so busy this week that I was not as participative as I could have been. It was an example of what can be done if you get enough people involved. The party was awesomely fun. We must have had 50-60 people throughout the night.

I'm waiting to get my "spooky" camera pictures developed. Will post them when I can .

It was my birthday yesterday!!! Not one of the better to tell you the truth. I got a stomach bug or some bad leftovers or something and spent most of the day laying on the couch with a bucket next to me or running for the loo. You may be thinking how sad that is to be sick on one's birthday. You could even think that could be a bad omen for the year to come. Not me. I see it as a relief. It can only get better from there!

Seriously, as I lay in the fetal position in the shower, aside from the nausea and splinting pain in my head, all I thought about was how much fun I had had the night before and how blessed I was with such great friends and family. I don't have good friends, I have great friends.

Speaking of great friends, I called off the shindig for that evening, but Kelly, sweetest kindest girl in the world, came over and tried to make sure I still had a special birthday. I got a birthday smoothie with a candle in it. She also totally cleaned my kitchen as it had not been attended to as it should have been with the busy week I'd had.


kelly riding said...

you are too kind. love the blog!

kelly riding said...

oh and i don't think i ever told you how super rad you are for making my costume. you are super rad!